Assorted COSMAC Computers

Here’s a basic ELF constructed by Phil Pemberton:


Bill Buzbee sent in some photos of an ELF he built. Bill said he “tried to remain as faithful to the original as possible.” Bill's ELF looks like a very faithful reproduction indeed! He also mentioned that his fingers were “sore from flipping switches.”

elf1 big
elf2 big
elf3 big

Here's a four-chip 1802 system created by Ronald Gilman. Especially interesting is the novel serial protocol he worked out to keep the design simple:

gilman big

Klaus Ernst donated his first ELF to the Boston Computer Museum in 1986, then built the one below a few years later. Here he's using a Psion Organiser II as a TTY. Klaus also wrote the Meistermind 1802 program found on Bill Richman's site.

ernst1 big

Mike from Quebec sent in this photo of an ELF he finished just days before the release of Microsoft's Windows XP. It's not about capability, it's about fun!


Pictured below is Steve Gemeny's Quest Super ELF. Steve started off with an original ELF in 1976, then upgraded to the Super ELF in February of 1979. Eventually he added the expansion board, 4K of RAM, the Super Monitor, and Tiny Basic. More than twenty years later, he writes that he still enjoys tinkering with it, and is working on a replacement for his original ELF. 

gemeny 1

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