Meet Cosmo Klein

Jeff Duntemann contributed these photos of some unusual 1802 projects.

First, meet Cosmo Klein, the all-COSMAC robot. Jeff writes that “in addition to the VIP on his chest (which managed his face video and nothing else) he had a wire-wrapped machine inside his body, and a built-in OAE paper tape reader for getting his software up and running.  (I punched the tapes on a DEC PDP11 system at Loyola University, where a friend worked at that time. The code was all written in binary, by hand.)”


Below is the COSMAC IMP (Inexpensive thermal Matrix Printer), designed and built by Jeff for 1802-based systems. The article on its construction was turned down by Popular Electronics in 1982; they said the ELF's days were past. (Wonder what they'd think of this website? Oh wait… Popular Electronics days are over. We win.) 


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