CyberVision Gets Its Due


In the early days of, John Powers contributed two small black and white photos of the CyberVision 2001 and 3001 systems sold by Montgomery Ward beginning in 1978. More recently, Joe Miller, John’s partner in the start-up that would develop the OS and software for the machine, sent in some catalog pages for the computer and a photo of the CyberVision 4001 prototype — even including a block diagram for the machine.

It’s been a long time coming, but the catalog pages and CyberVision 4001 photos have finally been added to the Gallery page originally created for the CyberVision 2001 and 3001. Better still, the page now links to a detailed and personal history of the CyberVision’s development written by Matt Powers, John’s son.

The CyberVision systems stand among the relatively few attempts to create a commercial home computer out of RCA's CDP1802, and today is all but forgotten.

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