More Gallery Additions


An ELF build from 1978, this one by Neal Granroth, has been added the Gallery. Neal made a few changes to the original design to accomodate ROM and less expensive (and probably less power hungry) 7-segment displays.

P. Todd Decker sent in some photos of a Membership Card and an ELF 2000 system. While there was no backstory provided and both are more modern versions of ELF computers, he posted some nice videos on YouTube that explains their operation in some detail, and additional photos are available on his Flickr page. Follow the links in this new gallery page. The popups in the videos are particularly informative, if you’re just visiting and wondering what all those toggle switches are about.

Those little Membership Card kits are really cool, and one of the few that you can still purchase, build, and enjoy! And the ELF 2000 is still available, to some small degree; see this prior news story.

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